Wednesday, October 31, 2012

In my kitchen - Prosciutto stuffed chicken breasts

Sunday was the first day which really felt like fall.
The sky was cloudy with some hint of sun from time to time, the wind was chilly and the air was cool - at last!

Since husband had to go to work in the afternoon, I couldn't plan a nice dinner for the two of us, so I decided to make a nice lunch. We went out for some errands and when we came back it was so nice to enter a warm home. I was even more eager to turn on the oven!

I decided to make something I had read in the last issue of Bon Appétit: Prosciutto stuffed chicken breast with mushroom sauce. As soon as I read the recipe, I couldn't wait to try it - but every time I was missing an ingredient!

You will find the recipe here. Aren't they gorgeous?

I substituted basil leaves with sage and rosemary - I prefer their flavors with meat. And since I didn't have time to make the mushroom sauce too, we just had a romaine lettuce salad as a side. They came out very good, and I think next time I'll make the sauce too. And it's a pretty easy and quick recipe.

Have you tried any new dishes lately? Please share!

My thoughts...

go to all people affected by Sandy, and to NY.
Please keep strong!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sunday reads.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Beauty shopping!

I know two consecutive posts about beauty products make it seem like I am obsessed with cosmetics and make-up, but I am not. I am actually very disciplined, never start a new product if I haven't finished the one I am using at the moment, never buy doubles and shop sparingly. It's just a coincidence I got some makeup last Saturday, and today some new cosmetics.
Husband needed to buy some new jeans, and we went to the nearby outlet mall. Since there is a store there which carries beauty products I like and use (Bottega Verde), I wandered in looking for some heavily discounted stuff. Here is what I got:

Makeup remover for face and eyes Quilaia
I had never heard of quilaia before buying this makeup remover for the first time. It's a tree from which natural detergents can be extracted. I loved it from my first use: it's very delicate but effective, doesn't sting, and LASTS FOREVER! The previous bottle lasted me something like 8 months - and I use it every day.

Mascara Volume in Extra Black.
It's probably the fourth time I re-buy this mascara. It's a very basic product: doesn't make me look like I am wearing false eyelashes, but makes my lashes darker and more noticeable, doesn't flake and comes off easily when I wash my face.

Crema viso effetto lifting.
There were several bins with face creams, but I picked this one because it contains hyaluronic acid and karité butter. Never tried it before, I'll use after I have finished my current face cream.

Plus, the girl gave me a sample - a pretty big tube - of another face moisturizer, which I'll probably put in my gym bag.

As for the rest of the shopping, I liked a shirt and a skirt - but the shirt was too big and the skirt too small. Oh well...

Monday, October 22, 2012

Product reviews - makeup

Hi there. How was your weekend?
My goal for these two days was to rest and relax as long as possible - which is what I did!
Between resting and relaxing, I had time to do some makeup shopping. Here we go:

Shine Creator Lipstick - Deborah Milano

I decided to buy this lipstick after seeing it in a magazine. I am not a huge lipstick person (unlike some years ago, when I had something like 15+ lipsticks, and I was using all of them!), but I decided to try it, since I liked this specific shade (n. 02),
I put it on as soon as I got out of the store (like a small kid) and am very happy with my buy. It goes on shiny, it's there but not too flashy, and the finish is very shiny, not as much as a gloss but more than a regular lipstick. I higly reccommend it! It was 10.90€, but it was on sale for 7.72€.

Super Liner Noir - L'Oréal Paris

This is an old love. I have tried lots of other eye-liners, including others from L'Oréal, but that's the best, I think. The thickness of the line is just the right one, it goes on smooth, lasts all day and doesn't flake off. Plus, it comes out very easily when I wash my face at night. Love! Price 16.90€, was on sale for 13.52€

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Weekend readings

I haven't done any weelend readings for a while...  Here are some links I have saved which I highly reccommend!
  • Office attire essentials from the Wardrobe Oxigen. I agree with everything, except the bit about walking to work with flats then wearing heels: I haven't been able to find a pair of pants that goes well with both. May be tapered pants work best for this?
  • Love the clean lines of Swedish style: I find it simple and relaxing.
  • How do you like this Autumn to do list?
  • And also, a fun October calendar from La Petite Fashionista.
Enjoy, and happy weekend!

Friday, October 12, 2012


Yesterday I came back from Madrid (above, a picture of sunrise taken from my hotel room). I went for a work-related event, so I didn't have much time to really see the city. I could walk around a little bit at night, when we would go out for dinner. 
Buildings are beautiful, it looks nothing like Barcelona (which is the only other spanish city I visited) and the streets are incredibly large. I'd really love to go back just for sightseeing.
What I loved most, was that the city was so lively. Young people would be around eating tapas, having a drink, or just strolling until late, even on workdays. It was pretty warm, so I guess that helped too.
Food is delicious. I had some of the best fish I have ever eaten, and the wine was good too.

I did some shopping the day before leaving. I am at loss this time of the year, because it's too boring to only wear jeans and/or black pants. I am a dress girl at heart, but it's too early to wear boots and tights, and too cold in the morning to go bare-legged. So I focussed on accessories: a beautiful téal bag, and two belts: a hot pink one and a patent grey one - the pink one came with me in Madrid, and I find it to gives a nice unexpected touch to the most boring black-pants-black-blazer outfit.
Plus, I found a short sleeved white shirt and a beautiful floral dress I hope to wear soon.
I have to start taking pictures of my outfits again, it was fun!


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