Friday, August 24, 2012

Thoughts on age-appropriate dressing

Lately, I have given quite some thought to the concept of "age appropriateness".
Actually, I should say, I have come to doubt the way I dress, especially at work. I am afraid it could be not age appropriate.
See, I am almost 40, I am pretty respected at work both for the way I work and for the way I tend to present myself to others (I am pretty quiet, able to be concentrate on what I am doing for hours, quite well read, don't speak with any obvious accent, am able to hold a conversation with our bosses and clients at dinner when we happen to travel for work, speak a couple of languages), and I am worried the way I dress could not convey my "seriousness".

In a way, I am lucky at work there is quite a relaxed environment, also dress-wise, besides I wear a lab coat most of the time, and when I don't, I wear a blue shirt-and-pants uniform.
But when I go to offices, or to have lunch - which are the moments when we see other people from every depatrtment on the company, including out President and CEO, what I am wearing is pretty visible.

For example,  I am afraid the shape I prefer for skirts may be too young for my age and my profession:

 And what about the dresses?

 I am even questioning my choiche of nail polish! Is this not-professional?

...and let's talk about my "lollipop fuchsia" pedi...

I don't know. Looking around at work my situation doesn't seem so dramatic. But somehow I keep questioning my fashion choices at this point. Besides I don't have the budget right now for a complete wardrobe renovation...

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