Thursday, March 1, 2012

A review: Alberto VO5 hot oil

I have known about the existence of the Alberto VO5 hot oil since - I don't know - 2000?
Anyway, since I was living in the US.
Later on, my roommate raved about it to me.
But somehow I never got down to try it.

Last saturdat during a shopping trip I saw the little box containing 3 hot oil tubes on sale for 1.99 €, and decided to give it a try. All in the name of having healthy, or at least healthy looking hair by June.
I tried it on Mon, and liked immediately - it left my hair so soft! But better yet, I loved it last night, when I wetted my hair to wash it, and it felt so smooth. I think I am going to use it once a week for a while, I loved it and even if bought full price it is much less expensive than other treatments I have tried.
What do you think?


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