Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Travel plans

Just yesterday I was thinking how much I have travelled in 2011 (well, for my standards anyway). It went like this:
April - Nuremberg, Germany
August - Venice, Italy
September - Turin, Italy
October - Barcelona, Spain
October - Frankfurt, Germany (this was for a work event though)
November - Paris, France

And I can't help feeling all happy and giggly when thinking about what's coming up this year. It looks like we are going to explore (or re-explore) Italy quite a bit:
January - Florence
March - Siena and the Val D'Orcia
April/May - Todi
June/July - US

And I am sure more travel plans will come up.
I find going for a long weekend rather than for a whole week or two weeks vacation is more relaxing, and gives something to look forward to in the winter months when I am stuck at work.

A note on my trips. Since I don't have a disposable income, and we are planning our wedding and have decided to pay everything by ourselves, the Italy trips are bought on Groupalia (something like Groupon). So we got very good deals on all of them, and when travelling we usually eat at restaurants only for dinner, while having something on the go for lunch. Plus, we always eat a good breakfast at the hotel. This allows for quite a bit of savings.

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Anonymous said...

I agree, long weekend trips are the cherry on the top of the working week, and I like them, too. We take those short trips around Slovenia, but planning to go on longer journey for a week or two. We went to Provance last April, whole family, it was wonderful. I'm planing to go to Garda lake for this spring, while my children wish to expereince all that carousel things (not to mention train). Can you suggest some romantic or historical places around Garda lake for me to see?


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