Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A little bit of everything

Hi. Is anyone in there?
First I'd like to answer lovely Tatjana who asked me if I was right. Yes, everything is ok, only I have been very very busy... Work, yes, and several trips: Turin, Barcelona, Frankfurt, and finally, Paris.

Then, I would like to share this picture from my recent trip to Paris. We saw this random street, so pretty with its light and full of random stands (from flowers to suitcases to cheese) that we had to take a walk - and some pictures of course! I find this picture very Christmas-y.
Which brings me to the next question: have you finished your Christmas shopping yet? I am ashamed to say I have, but I haven't finished the wrapping part, and I need to wrap at least the present I'll have to take to work tomorrow for a sort of Secret Santa.

Finally, I'd like to share the thing that excites me the most. I am getting married next summer. It all happened so quick, that I think I haven't fully realized what's happening!

Yesterday we (my fiancee and I) were having dinner out, talking how for sure we'll have some arguments over the years - basically he was trying to explain to me this is not a bad thing, it's normal. Problem is, I so much hate conflict that sometimes I go out of my way to avoid it. So the whole conversation saddened me a little bit. When we walked towards the exit, we stopped to chat a bit with the restaurant's owner, a very nice lady. And she showed us a nice card, and said - look, I was looking for some piece of paper to write on, and I found my wedding invitations - from over fifty years ago!
It was such a nice moment. I took my fiancee's hand and he squeezed it. And when we left, he said - see, nothing happens without a reason.
Exactly what I was thinking. And that's the exact reason I am marrying this man.


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