Monday, August 8, 2011

Monday outfit

Shirt - Conbipel
Skirt - Noa Noa
Shoes - id
Necklace - borrowed from mother
Bangles - old!

This skirt is my other Saturday's buy.  It's flowy and breezy, and to keep that feeling in the whole outfit I put this shirt - the sleeves are sheer and very flowy. I didn't add a belt because I thought it would subtract some of the breezy feeling, and put on my bangles.

Here is a closeup of the Project bag I wore and the bangles:

5 comments: Maegan said...

ooh, great bag!!

Alessandra said...

I love this color palette on you and adore your shoes! Great bag, too.

faye (All These Pretty Things) said...

ooooo love the bag that bag would go with anything xx

TaimiToGetDressed said...

What a great bag! It seems so versatile. I love it.

chiara said...

Thanks! I stalked this bag until it was on sale... It's my go-to bag


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