Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thursday (controversial?) outfit

Sweater - Yes! Miss
Tank top - Tezenis
Skirt - Koan
Shoes - id
Necklace - Random street vendor

I wanted to wear this skirt, which I have remixed several times, with some different tops. So I tried this sweater, which I have worn other times too, only with a black tank top underneath.
I thought this orange top would complement well the orange on the skirt.
However, a couple of (male) colleagues asked me if I was blindfolded when I picked my clothes this morning. They say the black doesn't match anything in the outfit. I say they were probably thrown off by the abundance of colors. 
What do you say?


TheDayleigh said...

great color!

Anonymous said...

It kind of matches your hair. I dyed my hair orange and found a pair of orange glasses at goodwill and have worn them everyday this summer even if they don't match my outfit because the match my hair, And black matches everthing. It even looks good with brown!


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