Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday pedi - blushing rubies? And more crackle fun.

Trying to keep up with my Jult mani/pedi challenge.

Here's today's pedi:

And here are the ingredients: a clear base from Bottega Verde:

and this nail polish from Sally Hansen:

in Blushing Bronze. I can't find this color on their website anymore - I think it got disontinued, since i bought it before coming back to Italy, which means more than 4 years ago...
I actually had forgotten how nice it looks, and left it on the couter, unused, for ages!

So, first I applied the base, then, when it was dry, the nail polish.
The color is more ruby or burgundy than bronze, in my opinion:

Now, a question for whomever has the answer: the "big nail" on my left foot always gets chipped after I put on socks. Always, no matter how long I let it dry.
Any suggestions on how to avoid it? TIA!

And just for fun, some pictures from last week. I put on the crackle top again, only this time I used a silver base and a pink top. Here's the result:

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