Thursday, July 14, 2011

Shopping the sales: dream vs. reality

Here in Italy, sales (i saldi) are regulated by law. There are two big sales seasons, in summer (starting at about the beginning of July) and in winter( January). They usually start on a Saturday.
So, being a list maniac and a control freak, after a few weeks into the new season I start writing down what I miss in my wardrobe and what I'd like to buy on sale. As an example, here is the list I wrote sometimes at the beginning of June:
  • Swimming suit
  • Slip in a clear color
  • A dress, possibly from Sandro Ferrone
  • A leather handbag, in a clear color
  • White sandals
  • Shorts
The first and third enrty were cancelled: I bought the swimsuit in June because I "needed" it, and decided I don't need another dress because I have more than enough.

The problem with this approach is, by the time sales start, I have forgotten about my list. Or better, I remember there is a list, but have no idea what was written on it.

So I merrily go shopping.
First I try a maxi dress at Benetton, and get out of the store surprised of how ill fitting stuff can be.
Then I try a bunch of other ill fitting clothes at another store.
Then, I go to an expensive store, try on two PennyBlack dresses and a skirt, and leave disgusted.
Finally, I enter Sandro Ferrone, start checking the racks, try on 15 dresses, pick three (crying inside for the 12 I have to leave there), and leave happier but 205€ poorer.
And on my way home I walk by Intimissimi and I remember about the slip, which I really need. So I go inside, find where the slips are, find two of them which I can't chose one from, and leave with two new silk slips.

What's the solution for this very irrational behaviour?
No solution, really.
But I am really happy of my three beautiful dresses. And still need white sandals.

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