Sunday, July 17, 2011

Saturday outfit. - BDIB

Shirt - Pimkie
Skirt - Indian Store
Shoes - Prendimi
Belt - random street stand
Necklace - ?

I wore this outfit on Sat to run some errands in the morning, go to an art exhibition in the afternoon - then some shopping. And at night to go out with my sister for a walk and a drink - didn't feel like changing clothes...
I love long skirts since I can remember, even when they weren't cool or trendy, probably because I have been influenced by an aunt whom I love dearly and who even looks a bit like me - and she used to wear hippy long skirts! Plus, they allow me to play my guitar comfortably. They are very breezy in the summer, and add a relaxed feel to any outfit.
I bought this skirt in a store owned by a really nice indian lady. I like the sparkly silver thread which run all over, and the white color for summer, especially paired with turquoise.
I have the rule to wear only flats with long skirts, so here I am wearing my gladiators. And this beautiful bag, which my sister brought me back from Tunisia many years ago:

I don't usually wear leather bags in the summer, but I think that's THE bag to be worn with this skirt.

ETA - I had no idea I could still enter the Bloggers Do It Better Challenge, and thought I was late when I wore this outfit. Apparently, I can, so I am in! If you want to see how other very stylish ladies have worn the maxi skirt, head here!


robyn said...

Cool whites, nothing like it!

robyn of

Still Blonde after all these YEARS said...

Very beautiful...southwestern looking in my book. Nice!

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The Chief Blonde


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