Wednesday, July 27, 2011


When I feel uninspired in my daily outfits, I go through old outfit posts: sometimes I can find combinations I forgot about, and I replicate them, often with some differences. Sometimes I am just startled by how my taste has changed. It's in small things: even if I wear the same clothes, there is a difference, which may be sometimes difficoult to point out.

Here are some examples.

My Project Dress:

Just a change of boots and some arm-warmers... It looks quite different!

My Conbipel floral skirt

The white cardi is too preppy to me... I definitely changed taste in my choice of tops.


No more boyfriend jeans: don't think they are really flattering on me...

My Sandro Ferrone floral dress

With different shoes it looks much more flattering...

Do you ever go through old pics and find the outfits appalling?

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Anonymous said...

I need to that! I have been on a tight budget recently and just need to dig into my closet and remix.

Sometimes I find my old outfits a little silly! Usually it's something that just didn't fit my body type.


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