Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Beach essentials.

In honor to summer, I want to show you my beach essentials:

  • A bag, of course - this one is a "gift with purchase" from Bottega Verde - I like its nautical theme.
  • A towel - mine is inside the bag. Noting special, just an orange one.
  • A bikini (or any other kind of swimsuit) - hanging on the bag. This is a polka-dotted number by Calzedonia.
  • Sunblock(s) - from left: Bilba SPF 15, Ambre Solaire SPF 6, Bottega Verde SPF 20, and a Rilastil lip protecion SPF 40
  • A hat - this is a baseball cap I stole from my dad
  • Books and/or magazines. I am reading the last from Banana Yoshimoto, and this is the magazine D
  • Not shown - a bottle of water. I actually conside this a life essential, not a beach essential.
You'll have noticed I don't bring any food. That's because I avoid the hotter hours of the day and go back home for lunch. If I plan on being hungry, I bring some fruits.
I try  to arrive to the beach very early - it's less crowded and the water is beautiful early in the morning.

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