Monday, July 25, 2011

About makeup.

In a recent post Sal at Already Pretty talks about her relationship with makeup. And it made me think about mine, since it has not been easy for me to reach some kind of balance, make-up wise.

It all started when I was about 13. Lots of my classmates had already their little makeup kits, and I begged my mom to buy me one. And finally when I was 14 she caved in. It was a beautiful trousse (we call it with its french name in Italy, it sounds chicher may be?) with shiny sparkly pinks and blues. It was the eighties after all!
Problem was, I didn't really know what to do with it, so it was left unused for a while.
Then, one Sunday afternoon, after lunch, the daughter of a family friend, who is about 10 years older than me, decided to make me pretty to go to the theatre with my classmates that night.
She did my make-up - and as of today, I still think she did a pretty good job. She used some soft shiny pink on my eyes and more soft pink on my cheeks. A bit of clear gloss, and I was set to go. I looked like myself, only more polished. And my classmates noticed it!

But I was too lazy, so I went back to my old, makeup-less ways. Throughout my high school years, I didn't wear any. I felt I was less of an intellectual type if I wore any, almost like cheating on my good grades and my literary interests!
Then something clicked on the last year and I started using it. I spent hourse in front of the mirror learning how to apply eyeliner!
My mom bought me a foundation for my sensitive skin, and I used it and eyeshadows. It was pretty simple.

After university, when I went to the US, somehow I got obsessed with lipsticks. I had any shape and color. Who knows why?
Then, upon return to Italy, I kept only 2 or 3 of them, focusing on my eyes, which I still think are my best asset.
My routine for winter was more or less the same: foundation, eyeliner, eyeshadow, mascara, lipgloss. I did a pretty ehavy smoky eye.
No foundation and eyeliner during summer. Last summer, I kept the eyeliner.
I got to a point when I was ashamed to be seen without makeup. Then something changed.

I remember one Saturday morning, last fall, as I was preparing lunch, I said to the man - I should put some make-up, I look washed out. And he replied that I looked beautiful as usual.

And about a month later, I had a my first facial at the place where I still go now. The girl took great care of my skin, then applied makeup. She chose a very light foundation. No eyeliner, a bit of shadow, applied with her finger, and a hint of bronzing powder. Barely noticeable, but it was there.
I looked fresh and well rested. That night I saw a girlfriend I hadn't seen for some months, and she kept complimenting me on how good I looked.

I was sold, and I have tried to keep that simple make-up routine since. Right now, since it's summer and my skin looks good from eating summer fruits (the best beauty secret I know about!) I don't need foundation.
Somehow I feel more confident, and I am not afraid to go out without anything but a good moisturizer on my face - I did last Saturday to go shopping!

I guess what I have learned during all this years is: taking care of your skin is the best makeup. As is confidence and happiness - skin literally glows when one's happy!

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