Friday, June 24, 2011

Dress your best - Day two

Shirt - Pimkie
Skirt - Street Stand
Shoes - Le scarpe di Lou
Necklace (steph's mom)
Bag (on the chair) - Nia Boutique

My second outfit featuring a beloved part of my body...
Well, not really.

What I was trying to focus on here is my posture. I find a shirt (or dress) that gently follows the back line is good for this purpose: it evidences how straight the back is.

I chose to put my posture in my list because I have practiced ballet and swimming for several years, and I think both gave good results: I often get complimented on my ballerina posture.

But I decided to consider it also because lately I find that when I am tired or upset at work, the first thing to show it is my posture (two colleagues remarked this last week!), so this is a way to remind me to stay tall, and imagine a thread pulling me from the top of my head (as my first ballet teacher used to say to us).
And I'll keep doing yoga to work on it!

PS - Just found this blog post on posture! What a coincidence!

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