Saturday, June 25, 2011

Dress your Best - Day three

 Shirt - Guess?
Skirt - Promod
Shoes - Geox
Necklace - Steph's mom
Bag (on the chair) - Kuvé

The third day of the Dress your Best challenge I am choosing my back! 
This shirt is the best to show it, since it has a deep opening in the back:

Again, I like it because it is so straight. May be a bit weak lately, which should push me to try to do some yoga or other exercises to put on some muscles!

Two words about this outfit. It is nothing new, as I wore it last year too, and more than once (minus the shoes, which are new). I love the black/white combination, plus some added color (in this case the red bag). It think it is a technique to have a very chic outfit, and on the long term it helps reduce the money spent on clothes: if everything is either black or white, everything goes with everything, and accessories have the task of adding a special touch of color.

I am far from this kind of discipline, but I'd love to get there anyway.

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Cara said...

I love the theory of the black and white outfit, but I'm pretty sure I'd get bored of it quickly in practice. There are just somedays where light green, dark purple and a bright teal just make me so glad to be alive! Of course, black and white is certainly more chic!

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