Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Dress your Best - Day 1

Dress - Geisha
Shoes - Melì
Top - Tezenis
Necklace - "Stolen" from mom
This is my first installement of the "Dress your Best" challenge. 
I picked this outfit to draw attention to my ankles. As you can see, I have pretty strong legs, but I like that my ankles appear at the same time strong and delicate...
So, what I did was wear a dress that hits on my knee, to draw attention to the lower legs, and add high heels, to elongate the leg.
I bought this dress in a small store in Rome which sells some unique clothes (if you ever are in Rome I'll give you the address). Love the colors, bright but not too flashy.

These are the shoes (very comfortable, in spite of their height):

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