Friday, May 27, 2011


Well, I went to the doctor today. He thinks either I cought some virus, and being sick my blood pressure went down, making me feel so weak, or the low blood pressure itself caused my strong headache and weakness.
In any case, he gave me some medicine.
Then I went to my mom's to see her and tell her what the doctor had said.
And she told me "you lost a lot of weight since last time I saw you!"
And I replied "But you last saw me last Sun. It's really not possible!"

Truth is, I look kind of sick, and my face is very pale, and I understand I might have appeared thinner to her.
And I know the real reason is - too much work and no play make Chiara a dull boy. Or girl, but I wanted to quoteKubrick more closely!

So I can't really do anything for my dullness right now, aside from resting and taking my medicine.
But I can try fixing my dull skin. I started here:

A face mask-scrub. Too bad after the scrub a mosquito liked the smell so much that it bit my cheeck...
Then I am spending some time reading on the beach tomorrow morning.
And I have scheduled a massage in the afternoon.

Enough to take away some dullness, right?


Kalee said...

I do hope you get to feeling better soon! Rest always helps, no matter what the issue is... so the beach sounds like a perfect idea!

Ilona said...

I agree that taking time to go to the beach and read is probably the best thing to do on a weekend like this :-) I hope it will help you to feel better! I've read that you're moving at the moment and I imagine it might be the last thing on earth one needs when being sick. Do you have to get it done quicky are can you at least take your time?
By the way: I admire all the moving you already did! I'm such a coward when it comes to changes myself, I'm really impressed!


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