Friday, May 20, 2011

This week...

...has been insane. I have had so much work I feel like I should spend the whole weekend sleeping:

But I have quite some things to do this weekend:

I'll have to pack for next week's move. Ideally, I'll leave out only the things I'll need this coming week.

I decided to get out a bit of my comfort zone, and go to a party at a colleague's place. This guy is from another department, so mostly it'll be people from his lab - which I know all, but not well. There'll be a couple of people from my lab , luckily. It was not an easy decision, since I don't feel very comfortable in a too crowded enviroment, but I am sure I'll have fun.

If the weather allows, I'll go to the beach tomorrow!

And, I have to make a cake to bring to work on Mon.

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