Saturday, May 7, 2011

Lovely links.

Happy weekend everybody.
Today's list of links is a bit on the random side, but I really enjoyed all of them!

  • Meditation on the move. This si something I have been practicing even before I knew it had a name. And I find it so much more natural and easy than the "traditional" meditation.
  • Meal planning part II by Analiese. It's about designing your weekly meals. Loved the idea so much I started following her advice - I spend noticeably less at the grocery, and I don't waste any food.
  • Where to get inspiration by Allie.
  • Inside vs. outside style by Angie. I personally change as soon as I get home: I don't want my good clothes to get stained when I cook or clean my place. I wear old clothes, still in good conditions when I am home alone, so that if I have to take out the trash I don't feel ashamed to be seen.
  • And I very much agree with this list!

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