Sunday, May 15, 2011


Hi everybody!
Sorry for my long absence... it's just that when the weather gets so beautiful all I want is to be outside, and don't feel that much like taking care of my poor blog(s)!

Here is what I have been up to:

This is the black vanilla home scent. To answer your questions: it smells like a spicy vanilla. It's vanilla with a little kick. I don't like vanilla because it's a bit too sweet for my taste, but I love this one. It's nice to come back home to this wanderful smell.

I have started going to the beach.  Mainly for afternoon naps. Don't worry - I am using a high SPF. It's so nice, not yet hot, and not yet crowded.

I have slowly been enjoying these:

Dark chocolate I brought back from Germany. It's so good it's almost incredible.

I'll have to move out of this place at the end of May. I am a bit sad about this, but I'll get back in September - and I'll have to go through some home renovations, which I am pretty happy about.

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Anonymous said...

Nice to hear you have a wonderful time, enyoing the sun on the beach (lucky you), dark chocolate and nice home scent ... How come you have to move out and then come back? Where will you be staying?
I am now finnished with my italian lessons I mentioned once here. It was very interesting, but I am afraid don't know much Italian after all. Although I know what Toto Cotugno sings in his old popular song Lasciatemi cantare ... I allways tought he sings about love and seaside ... but it is all contra, the song text is so hilarious and funny ... I like Italian and Italy ...
Regards, Tatjana


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