Thursday, April 28, 2011

Small luxuries...

As I told you in my previous post, when I loved about staying in Germany with my friend was seeing the small luxuries she surrounded herself with. And I have decided to add some of these into my life too, as they can make staying/coming back home so much more pleasant and relaxing.
So I have devoted one line in my May budged to "Luxuries". If it works, I'll keep doing it for the next months. I have allowed myself 30€ for this so it's nothing bank-breaking, but it should be more than enough.

On my shopping list for May luxuries are this:

which is a room perfume - black vanilla (I adore this scent)

and this:

These are small scented bags for drawers.

If my flu goes away, I am going to look for the vanilla scent this weekend...


Kalee said...

What does the black vanilla smell like? I love vanilla scents, they can be so warm and inviting.

Birdie! said...

Agreed! Would love to know how the black vanilla smells... (is it musky? Sandalwood?)



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