Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My outfit - Tuesday.

It's back to work day today, but I was feeling still very tired from the trip and the visiting of these last days...
Here is my outfit:

Shirt - Glenfield
Cardigan - Promod
Skirt - Klikx
Fishnet tights - Calzedonia
Shoes - Al├ęsya
Necklace - really don't remember...
(Yes, I got a bit of a tan in Germany...)
I wanted a simple outfit, easy to change out of if needed at work, but cute. I like how it all came out. I bought this shirt with a suit a couple of years ago for an interview, which went very well - so I see it as a "lucky" garment. These shoes are comfy: after I got home, had to run to some office to make a payment, and I was able to walk fast for a couple of kilometers without any troubles. And the heel is pretty high too!

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