Thursday, March 3, 2011

Wednesday and Thursday's outfits

Blazer - Rodel
Sweater - Lunatica
Jeans - OVS
Boots - Refresh
Scarf - Thrifted

I have been reading for months on magazines and fashion blogs how fashionable is the blazer, how versatile is the blazer, how awesome is the blazer, and I finally decided to use "mine" on Wednsday. Quotation marks are due to the fact that I borrowed this black one from my mom, and after some months she said I can keep it because she wouldn't wear it much anyway. It's a nice wool with shiny revers.
I took advantage of a very cold day to wear it over my purple sweater and under my coat. It was pretty comfortable to play during music class, too. A colleague told me I looked very british, and I realized this outfit looks inspired by Kate Moss in some ways. And now I can't wait to wear the other blazer mom gave me...

Sweater - UC Benetton
Turtleneck - Random street vendor
Skirt - Promod
Boots - Campanile
Necklace - Steph's mom

This is today's outfit. Both the skirt and the sweater have some kind of "ballerina feel", so I decided to pair them toghether. Still deciding if I am happy with the result...
I attempted to take a picture of the necklace, but it came out shamefully blurry!

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