Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tuesday and Wednesday

Cardigan - OVS
Sweater - Miss Sixty
Jeans - Diesel
Booties - Fiorucci

This is my Tue outfit. After work, I went to play with the band. It's pretty cold where we play, so I layered with the grey cardi. I am pretty happy woth this buy, I find it very versatile!

Blazer - Rodel
Shirt - Promod
Jeans - OVS
Boots - ?
Necklace - Target
Today I decided to wear this top I never use mainly because I think it's too dressy. It's sheer lace with (fake, obviously) diamond  studs. Of course, I wear a black tank top underneath. Paired with a black blazer, I think it's ok for work.
And my hair looks like it grew a couple of centimeters overnight!


Kalee said...

I love those boots! You always look so pulled together.

And thank you for the validation on my post about the universality of the weight problem. I was raised with horrid food habits, and I'm trying to prove to my family and readers that you can eat as deliciously as I do and still be slim. I'm got about 30-35 lbs to go to be at my optimum healthy weight, and it's so easy. I've slimmed down even with the stress of my husband being in the middle east and family drama and bills that were insane. And you're right. It does start in the home.

Anonymous said...

I really like both outfits but the one that you wore to play with your band is definitely my favourite. What kind of music do you play?


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