Monday, March 14, 2011

My weekend...

My weekend started with an email from a japanese friend who lives in Germany... she reassured me her mom, who is in Tokyo, is ok.
My thoughts go to all japanese men and women who are suffering throught his disaster. I know they are strong people, they have already shown it to the world.

Aside from this sad event, and my following it on the web/on newspaper, it was a nice relaxing weekend.
Coffee with a friend, tea with another friend, baking (see above), walks and some shopping (will show you soon my new trench coat).
Playing music and having lunch at my mom's with little niece.

Plus, I started doing some yoga again - hoping it'll help me relieve the tension I get in my shoulders - which is making it difficoult even to play my guitar.
I'll try to keep up my practice, it feels so good while I am doing it!

How was your weekend?


Anonymous said...

You sure had one lovely weekend, and those muffins looks yummie :).
My wekeend was a bit different, though I also baked something. I visits dance classes every Sunday with my husband, which is fine and relaxing, and yesterday we started with 32-hours class learning Italian. I wish I could write you some letter in my "newborn" italian, so you can see if I am learning something or not.
Your long-distance friend Tatjana from Slovenia.

chiara said...

Hi Tatjana!
Love the idea of dance classes with husband, and love even more italian classes!
I have just realized there isn't a "contact me" link on the blog - will try to add it.
If you want to write to me in italian, my email address is



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