Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday outfit

Wrap sweater - Blue Sand
Skirt - Conbipel
Boots - ?
Necklace - Steph's mom
I had never realized how a green sweater would look nice with this skirt before today. Fact is, there is some green in the skirt, and it matches well with the sweater. 
These are my new boots (and a detail of the hardware on the ankle):

I can't say who makes them: the box only says "Product of Italy" - which is weird. But they are made of a nice soft leather, and seem sturdy and durable - plus, they were 40 €, so I think I made a nice deal. The stacked heel is very comfortable. It's the second pair I buy with this kind of heel - a nice discovery.

And finally, a detail of the necklace, which I bought from my colleague Steph:

Overall, I liked how this outfit came out: pretty and comfortable.

1 comment:

Ilona said...

The green sweater looks gorgeous with the floral skirt. When I mix green and purple - which I do quite often - the result is usually on the verge of gaudy, but your result with these colours is really graceful. And the glass leaf on your necklace is perfect with the forest green and floral pattern.


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