Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday outfit.

Wrap sweater - UC Benetton
Turtleneck - random street stand
Skirt - Conbipel
Boots - Campanile
 Necklace - Steph's mom

I am so bored with my winter wardrobe, because, as you might have noticed, it's not too extended, and I don't know what to remix anymore! This is a combination of a skirt and a sweater you have already seen... Looking at the picture, I can say I quite like it. I like the feel of this wrap sweater  (it's cache coeur in italian, we use french words, which mean something like - heart hider? but it's more romantic in french!). It looks to me like a wrap a ballerina might have worn for years.

Now the answer to the question Caroline aske me in a comment: the foundation is Essence, number 2, and the lipgloss is Fleur's, number 124. I think both are brands professionals use. I got a nice deal on the lipgloss because it was one of the last ones.
I am happy to report that my skin didn't look better on Saturday only (the day I had the facial), but still feels very nice, in spite of my 12-hours work day! And right now I am using the face moisturizers I was using before too - so it must be the effect of all the treatments the girl put on my face, plus the face massage.

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