Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday ourfit.

Sorry for the lack of posts of these last days... I was feeling a bit under the weather, and I didn't take outfit pictures (besides, a couple of them were just repeats).
Here's today's outfit:

Wrap sweater - UC Benetton
Turtleneck - Random street vendor
Skirt - UC Benetton
Boots - Nero Giardini
Necklace - Steph's mom

This was quite an improptu outfit - I had planned to wear another sweater, but I didn't like how it looked with this skirt. So, I pulled out this one. I have had it for a couple of years, and I tend not to wear it for some strange reasons. It tends to need to be adjusted during the day, but it actually didn't give me any problems worn with the pencil skirt - probably it's when it's worn with jeans that it tends to creep up.
I am promising to myself to wear it more often. It'll look nice with my other skirts too!
This is the only pencil skirt I own. I like it because it makes me feel very feminine, and when in a store I now tend to check out other pencil skirts too. But I am wandering if I really need another one... I don't wear it that often.

And yes: I cut my hair on Saturday. The more I get used to it, the more I like it. I am planning on coloring them soon, too!

On another note: after lovely Tatjana left me a comment on this sweater, calling it a sweatshirt, it came to me that, indeed, it looks like a sweatshirt. It's not. But I don't really like it, so away it goes, to free some space for the clothes I love. I gave away four other sweaters too, mailty because they were too big an dind't look flattering on me. I like to see in my wardrobe and in my drawers only stuff I love, wear, and that makes me feel beautiful (more or less...)

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