Saturday, February 19, 2011

Lovely links.

Sorry I didn't post my weekly links last Saturday... I'll make it up to you all today, with two weeks worth of awesome posts!
  • From the Simply Luxurious Life (I might as well just post the link to the site, and tell you to go read everything she writes!): on the importance of focus, why not... watch less television (yes, yes! I have stopped watching TV when I left my ex-bf's place, and never looked back), an ode to patience, and learning in order to attain financial wealth. Plus, a guest post on how to incorporate luxury in your wardrobe. I practice all of her suggestions, and I can witness that these little tweaks really add something to everyday life.
  • Rebekah at Cupcake Caramel wrote a series of posts on quality versus quantity. Check out part one, two and three, the conclusion, and some thoughts on wardrobe investing compared to equities investing. I admit her approach may be a little too structured for someone, but I like the idea of painstakingly planning and working towards buying what we really want.
  • Simple (very simple) ways to eat better. I have yet to incorporate all of these suggestions, but I am working on it. The only one I don't agree on is #6 (don't clean your plate - stop eating when you are full). I hate to waste food. I find it extremely disrespectful for all the bounty we are lucky to have. I think the best thing to do is to just put half of what we think we want to eat in our plate - then take more only if we really need/want to. This way, whatever is left over doesn't go to waste.
  • A cute guide for living in 2011.
  • Have to vs. Want to - a huge difference! An invite to mind your words.
What did you love on the web this week?

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