Saturday, February 26, 2011

Link Love!

I've got a small list this week, but these are very very good posts! Here you go.

  • Fabulously Broke invites you to shop for clothes like a man. I agree on most of what she says, but I think it is important to look for clothes that flatter one's body too. I mean, if the flat front pants look better on me than the pleated, I am going straight to the flat-front-pants rack, without even considering the other ones. But I do find men more "pragmatic" when buying clothes: they go, look for what they need, try it on, and get out of the store as soon as they have paid. I am trying to be more like this... Thoughts?
  • From the Simply Luxurious Life: an invite to work hard, and end-of-the-month financial celebration.
  • How to seduce, from Fiona at How to be chic - notes on a magazine article.
  • The Daily Connoisseur is continuing her series on her 10 items wardrobe, with her observations, and the extras (I am planning to buy an awesome trench coat too!)
Have a wonderful weekend!

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