Saturday, February 5, 2011

Link Love.

Some posts I enjoyed reading this week...
  • From the always surprising The SImply Luxurious Life, two really great posts: one on the importance of every little step we take towards our dreams (as opposed to wanting everything now!), the other, the third installment on taking control of our spending.
  • The Daily Connoisseur shares the last of the top 20 things she learned when living in Paris. What else, if not living passionately?
  • The Key to Manufacturing Magnificence. I don't want to say anything, I'd spoil it. Go and read it. NOW!
  • Angie launches a question: What does it mean to dress in a feminine way? For me, it is mainly attention to the details. You?
  • I could have written this. It's when we don't allow our body to rest when it needs it, that it stops us right there! I have just experienced it!
  • Megan at Charade wrote also this post on picking your luxuries over at Yes and Yes. Go check it out!

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