Sunday, January 23, 2011

Two outfits

Glasses - Vogue eyewear
Sweater – Motivi
Jeans – OVS Industry
Boots – Refresh
Bracelet – Present

Yes, I am wearing glasses. My eyes were too tired for contacts...
I wore this to go see a movie on Saturday night. My only intent was to be warm, and this sweater is much so. I have had it for about 6 years, and I am pretty tired of seeing it in my drawer. But then, when I wear it looks nice, especially with skinny jeans, and I can’t seem to get rid if it.

The bracelet was the only accessory I was wearing. Here is a close-up.

Dress – Sandro Ferrone
Turtleneck – Random street stand
Tights - ?
Boots – Campanile
Necklace – Steph’s mom

I wore this dress to go to my niece’s birthday. I bought it sometime last year, and it’s like the fourth time I wear it.
It is a fake wrap, with tight sleeves up until the elbow, which then become dolman sleeves (you can see it a little from the front picture). It’s a shame I don’t wear it too much, because I like the fact that one half is black, the other colored (you can see it better from the side shot).
It’s maybe a little dressy, but not too much so, so I’ll try to wear it more often.

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