Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Thught I'd show you my latest buys...
First of all, let me introduce you my beautiful new boots.
The side:

The back:
And a detail:

Two Sandro Ferrone dresses with details:

The color is a violet background with flowers, and it has a violet velvet belt.

This has a nice drop waist and long sleeves, and is a lighter violet shade.

The red Pennyblack bag (my mom lent me the money to buy it, I'll have to give it back to her with my next paycheck). It is a very simple design, but it has very nice little details:

This cute little number from Intimissimi:

A detail:

A Diego Dalla Palma eyeliner (my first DDG purchase, I have wanted to try it for so long, but it's quite expensive. Luckily it was on sale). I think I'll write a review after I have used it for some times:

And two pairs of grey tights - I'll wear them in my outfits, as soon as I get out of my apartment!!!


Alessandra said...

You found some lovely things. I love the boots - where are they from? Also, very cool red bag. Brava!

nichole said...

Oh wow! Now I want to go shopping. ;)

Thanks for your comment on my blog. I SO wanted to love that Italian butter, but did not. I would love some recommendations if you have them. I am such a fan of Italian olive oils, and would love to expand my knowledge of and appreciation for the butter.


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