Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Some thoughts on fashion

This post by Sally at Already Pretty made me think…

One of the first things she confesses, is she never found a Chanel piece she liked.

It has been the same thing for me. I can’t bring myself to like their tricot bags. I can admire the craftsmanship behind it. I can admire the originality of the classic Chanel suit (or tailleur, as we say in Italy using a beautiful french word). But I can’t see myself wearing any of that.

See, the original is too recognizable. And the imitations as even more recognizable as an imitation.

I like something that shows perfection without screaming a label.

I like the new Louis Vuitton leather bag because it doesn’t clearly show the LV sign.

I like the Hermes Birkin bag because it’s so beautiful without trying too hard (it’ll be my present for myself whenever I’ll have a decent contract at work – a celebration for my accomplishment).

I like the Desigual design, but everybody can say – that’s a Desigual piece (besides, I find it mostly overpriced for the quality they offer).

I can’t stand when people ask me what brand is whatever I am wearing. I put a belt on the back label of my jeans to hide it.

If the stuff you are wearing is well made, it shows.

And well made sometimes has nothing to do with a label.

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