Wednesday, January 19, 2011

An outfit.

I only have one picture today... and not even the best one I could take!
I wore this in theory to go to music class. But I had to stay late at work, so I had to skip class. What a shame!

Sweater - UCBenetton
Turtleneck - random street stand
Black arm warmers - Lunatica
Pants - Liu Jo
Booties - Fiorucci

(Gotta do something to fight the weird face syndrome... but you know, at 7:30 am that's the best I can do!)
I bought this sweater back in September, and it's only the second time I wear it! Can't believe such a waste. It has three-quarters sleeves, so I paired it with my black arm warmers. The pants are very comfortable and much more flattering than in the picture. I like the bootleg.
And yes, the shoes are the same as yesterday. They are pretty new, so I want to wear them everyday!

1 comment:

Alessandra said...

I love your sweater: great style and color on you!


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