Friday, January 14, 2011

An outfit: 1/13/2011

This is what I wore for my first day back to work. Please notice I tried my best to not show my face in the pictures, since I took them at night and I looked so tired from the day. I think I am still recovering.

The outfit:

Sweater - JCrew
Jeans - OVS Industry
Boots - Nero Giardini
Necklace - Steph's mom

It's quite a simple outfit: I had planned to wear some other sweater, but I was afraid I'd be cold, so I picked this cashmere turtleneck instead. The jeans are very comfortable, and I am glad I decided to buy a grey pair: they are very versatile.

This is with my coat on:

Coat - Burberry
Scarf - Sandro Ferrone
Bag - Pennyblack

Yes, this is my new bag! I like making unusual color pairings, such as the red of the bag and the violet of the scarf. The coat was an awesome deal I got last fall. It's a very warm wool/cashmere blend, an I love the way it fits. I really hope it'll last me for years.

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Alessandra said...

Love your boots together with those jeans. Great look!


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