Saturday, January 22, 2011

My outfit and a challenge!

Sweater – Ruggiero
Skirt – Klixs
Tights – Calzedonia
Boots – Frau
Necklace – Target

I wore this to run errands, such as find a nice present for my niece’s second birthday – that was difficult!
The sweater and tights are not the same exact shade of violet, but I decided I don’t care as long as they don’t clash together – besides, there is the skirt to separate them and make the difference in color less noticeable.

This is a detail of the necklace, which I bought at Target about 6 years ago. It has a vintage-y feeling, so I keep wearing it even if two black “stones” fell out. May be this adds to the vintage feeling?

On another note: Kendi of Kendi Everyday is starting another 30 for 30 challenge (check it out, if you want to participate you are still on time, it starts on Feb 1st!)
I had thought to give it a try, then realized my closet doesn’t really count much more than 30 things. May be 35-38? And the stuff I have inside is stuff I love, or I have loved, and it would make me sad to exclude 5 or 6 of these items from my clothing rotation for the next month
So I decided on another challenge for the month of February. I know I have several “forgotten loves”, which, for a reason or another I never get to wear. My task for the month of February will be to incorporate at least two items a week in my outfits. Whatever doesn’t get worn, or doesn’t make me feel beautiful once worn, has to go.
Usually when I want to get rid of clothes, first I show them to my mom and sisters, then whatever they don’t pick goes to charity. Lately my sister F got 2 pairs of Killah jeans and a pair of Max Mara pants which were too large for me, so she can consider herself lucky!

Let’s see how it goes: I went to my closet for a short check, and I already have some ideas on how/when to incorporate some of these items.

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Alessandra said...

Good for you for trying your own challenge. It will be fun to see what you come up with.


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