Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Musings on shopping.

Something happened to my December paycheck, and I found out it was much poorer than I had expected. I don’t know exactly how it happened, but likely they had to make some end-of-the-year adjustment. I’ll investigate more, but I don’t have my hopes up too high…

The bad part is that on January 6 (this Thursday), sales are starting in Rome. I had done my homework, and written down the list of what I wanted to buy:

• A pair of brown boots

• A dress

• Some lingerie

• A white wool skirt

• A Furla bag

I re-worked my budget as soon as I knew my actual pay, and the only thing I can afford to buy this month are the boots, and maybe the dress.

So, I asked myself what was I really needed from the above list. And the answer is – nothing.

I don’t need another pair of boots, another bag or another skirt.

Actually, since I moved here, I took with me very few clothes and lots of accessories, and I figured out I am pretty good at making outfits with what I already have: I didn’t buy anything new for a concert where I played with the band, for Christmas Eve dinner, and Christmas lunch, New Years eve and New Years day, several dates, a work interview and lots of long walks, not to mention work. Truth to be told, I had several choices for the concert, most from my closet, one involving a black skirt borrowed from my cousin.

And lately, I took a short blitz in my mom’s closet and found two beautiful blazers she doesn’t use anymore. I went through my old closet, found a black blazer I had forgotten about, and used it to complete my New Year’s Eve outfit. And right now I am recalling I have in that same closet a pair of grey tapered pants I haven’t worn for a while – and they look pretty new!

This helped me put things in perspective and reduce my list: my new bag, if there needs to be one, can come from someone different than Furla. I won’t probably wear a white skirt that much. I can do without another dress, even if I really want one. I’ll buy whatever fits in my January budget, namely the boots, but I know I already have all I need – and I am not talking clothes only.

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