Saturday, January 29, 2011

Link Love

Hi everybody! How is everything going?
I am almost recovered... well almost.
Anyway, here are some interesting readings from the web which grebbed my attention this week.
  • This week I surely have to start from The Simply Luxurious Life - there was a plethora of informative posts in there! Check out Dealing with unknowns in life, Have a luxurious work day (I fully subscribe to the suggestion to arrive half a hour earlier!), Take control of your spending (part 2), and Why not... become a better listener.
  • Two from How to be chic: Low stress secrets and A place of order and beauty. Both posts gave me the same message: there is no way to live a low stress life when you are surrounded by clutter, be it dust an dirt, too many worryes, too much stuff.
  • The Daily Connoisseur explains how in France quality is valued over all. In food, relationship, activities... - every aspect of one's life.
  • How to raise over bleak and dreary - I like the abundance of pictures!
  • The fifth part of Kendi's Create a working closet: remixing was very interesting to me. Check it out!
  • I have always equally loved high heels and high platform, since, like I was 16. In case you are new to the deal, check out How to walk in heels.
  • Kate explains how American magazines seem to talk only about the same topics - most of which sex related. I sadly have to agree. I remember when I'd be back from US to Italy for the holidays, and bring the bunch of mags I had taken for the flight, my sister used to comment that they were all so flacky. I am happy to report that there are very interesting magazines in Italy (I mean, the italian version of the american counterpart, such as Marie Claire or Elle), which talk about fashion, travel, the world (I read a very interesting interview on Marie Claire, with the major of Monrovia, capital of Liberia, a woman, like their President: she is a down to heart, committed lady, who goes with students, on weekends to clean the streets of the city. And she explains what their president is doing for the Country. So inspiring!) - and the occasional, thongue-in-cheeck article on men.

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