Saturday, January 15, 2011

Link Love!

This week I had to stay home for three days, so I had time to peruse the internet...
Here is what I some of the most interesting stuff I found:
  • Fabulously Broke had some argument at work, which she handled very well, in my opinion. Here she explains why she responded to the accusations the way she did. There is some good lessons to be learned from her, I think.
  • Some gems fromYouLookFab:  a guest post: Make Your Style Your Own, and an article on the perfect pant length with flared bottoms. I find what she says very correct (one of my pet peeves are too-short pants with heels!), even though I have some problems with the white pants she shows: I think they need to be worn with chunky heels, otherwise they'd look as if they swallowed your feet!
  • The Simply Luxurious Life never ceases to amaze me: it's so full of interesting and useful posts! Here are three from this week: part two of creating one's own signature style (part one here), and two posts on money: 5 Good Habits and Seven Traits of the Wealthy.
  • The Art of Femininity from The Daily Connoisseur. 
  • And a guest post at Yes and Yes, on how to love life even if you have a job you hate. Very good suggestions, I especially like the one about remembering the reason(s) we are at the job!

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FB @ said...

Thank you very much for the link love.

It was not easy, I gotta tell ya. But it is definitely worth it.


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