Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I'll start with some pictures of me from work Christmas party. We had a lottery, and here I am showing my prize - probably with a slightly perplexed/amused face, as you can see from the second picture!
Because, actually what I won was some apples, some salted almonds and pistachios! Very unusual stuff, but at least little niece enjoyed her first pistachios a lot!

Lots of things have happened since last time I wrote here. Yet it seems as everything is the same.

I went to Paris, where I had the chance to know with our CEO. It was tiring but a very interesting experience.
I worked a lot - and I am proud of the results we got.
I moved to a town closer to work, by the sea (hence the lack of internet - but I'll deal with that soon).
I am well and relaxed, and actually I love living there.
I had my contract at work renewed.
Still studying music - only changed location, but my awesome teacher is still the same.
Had my first concert in a theatre, with the band. It was so much fun! I should get the pictures soon.

It was such a tiring year for me, 2010. Lots of changes and adjustments. I can only hope for 2011 will be better


Anonymous said...

Chiara, nice to have you back. HAPPY NEW YEAR!
All best wishes from Slovenia,

chiara said...

Thank you! Happy new year to you too!


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