Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I'll start with some pictures of me from work Christmas party. We had a lottery, and here I am showing my prize - probably with a slightly perplexed/amused face, as you can see from the second picture!
Because, actually what I won was some apples, some salted almonds and pistachios! Very unusual stuff, but at least little niece enjoyed her first pistachios a lot!

Lots of things have happened since last time I wrote here. Yet it seems as everything is the same.

I went to Paris, where I had the chance to know with our CEO. It was tiring but a very interesting experience.
I worked a lot - and I am proud of the results we got.
I moved to a town closer to work, by the sea (hence the lack of internet - but I'll deal with that soon).
I am well and relaxed, and actually I love living there.
I had my contract at work renewed.
Still studying music - only changed location, but my awesome teacher is still the same.
Had my first concert in a theatre, with the band. It was so much fun! I should get the pictures soon.

It was such a tiring year for me, 2010. Lots of changes and adjustments. I can only hope for 2011 will be better

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Song of the Dat...

I am back!

Been listening to Tom Waits for the last two months...Fell in love with this song!


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