Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Slowing down...

As the summer is coming to an end - it's still pretty warm in here - I find myself not willing to let it go.
It was a strange summer, my first as a single after several years, the first I went on vacation with friends, the first I spent lots of time with myself, with my friends and my family, but no boyfriend.

I still don't want this summero to go away, so, as long as the weather allows it, I'll keep wearing my summer skirts (hence the lack of outfit posts, since I am just repeating worn outfits), go to the beach (it's so beautiful in September), and last week I spent several days at my sister's beach house (which is closer to my work than my own place! I am considering moving there...)

We, as a band played last Fri. I was surprised I wasn't a bit nervous - just cold. I think we were good. The singer was awesome, I told her at the end.

I am going to Paris at the beginning of October, for work. I don't think I'll have a lot of time to see the city and to shop, but I hope at least to be able to bring back some Ladurée macaroons... It'll be nice anyway, I bet. The company will be interesting - I don't know any of the people who'll come, except than for my she-boss. The CEO of our company will be there too, and I am a little nervous about making the best of my time with him!

I'll start taking music lessons again in October. And I want to start a Flamenco class too. I am so excited about that. Together with the band practice, it will make for a pretty busy year.

May be that's why I am taking it really slowly these remaining days of September. I am sleeping a lot, and not really studying. More like playing something when I feel like it.
I know it will be tiring, and I want to start fall very well rested and energetic!

I don't have so many plans...
I just want to enjoy the things I like, cutting everything which is not necessary (especially stuff to do), and spending time with people I like.
I don't want to worry about my future. I am just curious to see what will happen.


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