Saturday, July 31, 2010


He started by leaving short messages for her at work, where she could find them in the morning.
At first, she didn't know what/how to respond, then she started replying.
Everytime he was a work, he'd live another message for her.
Every morning, the first thing she would do was check if there was another message. She'd keep it in her pocket for the whole work day, and she'd touch it lightly when she needed reassurance, when the day was getting tough.
It was like having a friend standing by her, even if he wasn't physically there.
They started to talk on the phone.
They liked each other, a lot.
He thinks she is gorgeous.
She says he is handsome.
He is tall and older than her, and she feels really safe close to him, like nothing bad could happen.

They became more than friends.
They loved talking on the phone at night, laughing really hard.
Eating together.
Waiting on the balcony for down to break the sky - the moon on one side, the raising sun on the other.
He said he didn't want a full commitment.She didn't either.
She doesn't believe anymore in eternal love.

"Why are you here with me?" he asked her once.
"Because I feel well sitting close to you". She said.
He gave her peace.

That was all that mattered.

He was afraid of making her suffer.
He would say he couln't stand her crying.
He would ask her from time to time if she was sure she wanted this.
She'd say - this is what I want and need now.
I don't want promises, I just want to be happy with you now, until one of us decides they are not happy anymore.
It's not easy to think in terms of "now".
But it's wanderful when you manage to do this.

She went away for a weekend.
When she came back he hugged her and kissed her and couldn't keep his hands off her.
He wrote he had missed her a lot, even though it was only three days, because she was far away, and that made it seem longer.

She said that night, on the phone, while on the other side she could hear the noise of a summer storm - the only thing I want, is to still be able to smile every time I see you, after this is all finished.

She wake up the following morning.
She found a message on her cell phone.

"Goodmorning, my love".

And she cried.
Tears of joy. be continued, I guess...

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