Saturday, July 31, 2010

Song of the day!


He started by leaving short messages for her at work, where she could find them in the morning.
At first, she didn't know what/how to respond, then she started replying.
Everytime he was a work, he'd live another message for her.
Every morning, the first thing she would do was check if there was another message. She'd keep it in her pocket for the whole work day, and she'd touch it lightly when she needed reassurance, when the day was getting tough.
It was like having a friend standing by her, even if he wasn't physically there.
They started to talk on the phone.
They liked each other, a lot.
He thinks she is gorgeous.
She says he is handsome.
He is tall and older than her, and she feels really safe close to him, like nothing bad could happen.

They became more than friends.
They loved talking on the phone at night, laughing really hard.
Eating together.
Waiting on the balcony for down to break the sky - the moon on one side, the raising sun on the other.
He said he didn't want a full commitment.She didn't either.
She doesn't believe anymore in eternal love.

"Why are you here with me?" he asked her once.
"Because I feel well sitting close to you". She said.
He gave her peace.

That was all that mattered.

He was afraid of making her suffer.
He would say he couln't stand her crying.
He would ask her from time to time if she was sure she wanted this.
She'd say - this is what I want and need now.
I don't want promises, I just want to be happy with you now, until one of us decides they are not happy anymore.
It's not easy to think in terms of "now".
But it's wanderful when you manage to do this.

She went away for a weekend.
When she came back he hugged her and kissed her and couldn't keep his hands off her.
He wrote he had missed her a lot, even though it was only three days, because she was far away, and that made it seem longer.

She said that night, on the phone, while on the other side she could hear the noise of a summer storm - the only thing I want, is to still be able to smile every time I see you, after this is all finished.

She wake up the following morning.
She found a message on her cell phone.

"Goodmorning, my love".

And she cried.
Tears of joy. be continued, I guess...

Friday, July 30, 2010

On the power of travelling

This post made me think.
It came as a nice coincidence. Yesterday I was talking to my friend (who was one of the girls in Amsterdam with me) and she said - It was such an useful  thing for me to just break away from here for a while. It did me well.
And I started thinking about the healing power of changing your landscape for a while.

I have always believed, since I tried it on myself, that when something goes wrong, running away is not the solution. You can start again somewhere else, but you'll find yourself tied in the same situation you run away from, unless you change.
But a brief escape has some magical powers.
At some point, when I was living in Buffalo, I had a mini meltown. I was running a bunch of experiments, but the instrument I was using would cooperate once every 5 times. I didn't have much time. I was tired. I was starting to hate everything and everybody.
I took 3 days off and drove to Toronto. Had lunch on the shore, that day, then went to lay on the grass in High Park for a couple of hours. Thinking about nothing.
And I followed the same recipe for the two following days: do whatever you feel like doing.
I came back another person.

It's nice to go elsewhere. See people who live slightly differently. Eat something different for breakfast. See different shop windows, wander which train is the right one, look at the houses and imagine who could live there. Use a different bed, pillow, shower.
And then come back home and see that you know exactly how to attain the right temperature in your shower, realize how you missed the smell of your neighborhood or your breakfast bun (I am a huge fan of breakfasts, in case you didn't realize) or your fridge.
And realize your life is just wanderful as it is, that you made it this way, and you are the only one who has some power to change it for the better.

Waiting for my next trip!

Thursday, July 29, 2010


It was a really nice and relaxing weekend. I didn't know most of the girls that came with us, but they were all very pleasant and I had a great time.
Here are some pics.

Bikes were everywhere!

Houses on water were so romantic and beautiful:

The sights were very romatic and a little melancholic (should have come with a lover!):

Loved the windmills, their smell, and their inside mechanism (I am a nerd):

And here is happy me with a cinnamon bun for breakfast!

Friday, July 23, 2010


Sorry I have neclected this blog for so long... It is really hot, and the only thing I really want to do when I get home is lay in bed with all my windows open...
Here are some outfits - I took a picture only of the ones which weren't repetitions of previous outfits.

Shirt - Pimkie
Skirt - Koan for Upim
Shoes - Primadonna
Necklace - Steph's mom

I decided to try Kelly's suggestion, and wear this skirt with gray. This is the only gray shirt I own, though! And it's a bit too long for the skirt. But I like the result nonetheless. Even though I think the colors of the skirt pop out better when paired with a black top.

Top - Oltre
Jeans - Killah
Shoes - Primadonna

I love these shoes - it's like wearing slippers, plus the color goes with everything. I wore pants because we had an inspection at work and I thought it'd better if I showed with my legs covered (my "top part" is always covered by my lab coat, and I change shoes with my white ones when I get to work). It was totally unnecessary, but at least I got compliments on this top. Notice how I din't wear any necklaces - I thought it'd be redundant with such an attention grabbing top.

Dress - Sandro Ferrone
Necklace - from Nepal, gift from my cousin
Shoes - Vintart

This was the second time I wore this dress. Such a waste, right? I thought it was a tad too short for work, then I have seen shorter skirts on some colleagues, and decided to go for it. Got lots of compliments indeed!

Shirt - Project for Upim
Skirt - Promod
Shoes - BC for UO
Bag (on chair) Kuvé
Necklace - Pacsun?

I am still not completely sold on the stripes... I feel weird when I wear this shirt. But I liked it on this skirt anyway.

And now... I am off to Amsterdam!!!o

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Birthday thoughts.

I am starting this post with a picture of me, cutting a cake, on Sat night, at the end of dinner. I had my sisters, parents and little niece for dinner, and it was a very pleasant evening.

The day before I went to my ex' place, and took every last bit I had left there (winter coats, and other random stuff, such as a muffin pan, and the tablecloth you can see in the picture).
This was one of the presents I gave myself for my birthday. The lightness of knowing that everything is done, finished and closed, and I don't need to have anything to do with him anymore.

Then, for my "new year", I decided to be a tiny bit braver, and ask people to do stuff with me. I have always been pretty shy about it, because I have always thought if people want me with them, they'd ask me. But I have come to realize that others like to be invited and involved, too!
So, I was talking to a colleague I am pretty close to, and we decided to book a vacation to Sicily together, with another girl.
Then, I sent a text to a girl whom my ex introduced to me (she the girlfriend of one of his friends). She really loves art, and I invited her to come with me today to see the De Chirico exhibition. She was happy to come, and also told me I can call her whenever I want when I am in Rome, to do stuff together.
I am so glad I decided to keep in touch with her despite my break-up....

My other presents to myself for my birthday were:
  • A trip to Amsterdam on the 23rd. I am pretty excited since I have never been there.
  • A catalog of a picyure exhibition. The pictures are from a photographer I just discovered and immediately loved, Mimmo Jodice.
I am really hopeful for whatever has yet to come!

A bunch of outfits.

I haven't posted outfits in forever...
I have been dragged down by something I had to to, and wasn't able to focus on anything else - but that's a topic for another post.
So, here are my latest outfits:

Shirt - Pimkie
Skirt - Store in Buffalo
Belt - Effetti
Necklace - Steph's mom
Shoes - Frau
Bag - I seriously have no idea where it comes from.

I wore this for my last music class - hence the long skirt. It wasn't the most comfortable of my outfits, since the skirt's waist is too large now, doesn't sit on my waist, and the skirt comes out too long. And I risked tripping on ti several times during the day...

Dress - Sandro Ferrone
Shoes - Gaia
Necklace - Steph's mom
Bag (on the chair) - Project for Upim

(I have no idea why this is out of focus). This dress is really fresh and summery. The shoes are really pretty, but they have a rather high heel, and unfortunately I don't wear them that much...

Shirt - Guess
Skirt - Koan for Coin
Shoes - Primadonna
Necklace - Steph's mom

First time this season I am wearing this skirt. I'd love to find another shirt color to pair with it, but it's difficult to find exactly one of the colors of the skirt.

Shirt - Pimkie
Skirt - Promod
Shoes - BC for UO
Necklace - Target
Bag - Guess, birthday present from some years ago

This shirt has a cute cutoff in the back, but I always forget to take a picture...

Shirt - Pimkie
Skirt - Promod
Shoes - Primadonna
Necklace - Target
Belt - Random Street Stand

I am noticing this year I am using belts buch more than last year. It's probably because now I have some. And because it's difficult to find shorter shirts, and in my mind a longer shirt needs to be belted!
I have to take a picture of these shoes alone. They are clogs, and really beautiful - one of my latest buys.


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