Sunday, June 20, 2010

An outfit -Friday

...because Sat (yesterday) I was so skick that I staied in bed the whole day...
An on Fri night I wore a nice dress I have never taken a pic of, but I forgot to take a picture this time too!
Back to business:

Shirt - Pimkie
Skirt - Promod
Belt - random street stand
Shoes - Prendimi
Necklace - Target?
Handbag - Project for Upim

For a change, and because the other belt I used with this skirt is black, while these sandals are brown (never together!), I used this belt, higher on my waist.
I am not really used to highlight my waist like this, simply because... I don't have one! But I think the result here is not too bed.

The handbag is clearly an imitation of a Herm├Ęs Kelly. Which is the handbag I'll buy to myself when I'll finally get a non-temp contract. That, or a Birkin, I still have to decide. Until a while ago, I thought I'd want it in red leather. Now I think that a beautiful brown leather would get beautiful with age.
For now, I am happy with this one: it's well done,  the color goes pretty much with everything, and I can fit in a lot of stuff.

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Leanna: said...

Soooo glad to see you posting again! :) And with a more than satisfying ensemble...I think it's perfect on you! Though now, of course, I'm quite curious to see this dress?!? ;)


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