Monday, June 21, 2010

My work space!

Sometimes ago Kelly left a lovely comment on how she liked my work space, wich is often visible in the background of my pictures.
I took some shot to show it better. I like that there is a lot of yellow, which is a happy and energetic color (I like it even though I don't wear it!) and orange.

Here's the left wall, with books and my guitars (you can see only one, the other ones are in the left corner).
The black chair was my mom's, the bookshelf my sister's, and most of the pictures on the wall were gifts.

The right wall (I should have taken a picture of the window in between...):

Still have to buy a sconce for that wall...
The bookshelves (where I keep CDs) are from Ikea, as most of the rest you can see here. I fell in love with this desk as I saw it, and I like the yellow chair!
Then there's the big window on the right, which goes to the balcony:

The orange courtains are from Ikea, too. This is the only room where I have two windows, and I love it.

And the right corner:

The little chest is again from Ikea, as is the board where I keep pictures, stuff I cut from magazines, and a drawing my sister made when she was about 16 (the colorful one at the bottom). I bought the little footstand and the music stand in Buffalo some years ago, after I lost the ones I took to US from Italy (I know, right?)

That's all for this room. May be I should take pictures of the rest of my place...

1 comment:

Kelly said...

Yay! Thanks for sharing! Your big window/balcony is too pretty and I especially love all your awesome bookcases! And your table. and yellow chair. Basically all of it :)


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