Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Two outfits.

Wore these on Mon and Tue.
I started working again, so I am going to get out of the jeans rut that plagued me for the last weeks!

And, speaking of jeans, here's Mon:

Shirt - H&M
Jeans - Killah
Shoes - Gioseppo
Necklace - Target

I had to wear jeans because I had group rearshal after work, and I had to be comfortable to play...
Also, I love this shirt, both the cut and the color. It was a Christmas girft from my cousin.


Shirt - Halfon
Skirt - Promod
Arm wrap - Random street stand
Flats - Gaia
Fishnets - Golden Lady
Necklace - Steph's mom

I bough this skirt in Venice, while shopping with the above mentioned cousin. I find its shape a bit strange on me, may be it's the pockets. I have to wear something fitted on top for it to look good, I think...

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Luana said...

Very cute! What's your tatoo of?


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