Thursday, May 20, 2010

Things I Love Thursday.

Time for some gratitude!
This week I am loving...
  • A call from work to tell me tomorrow I am going to sign my new contract. I am so happy!
  • And, related to the above: seeing again all my colleagues. So glad they are all so nice...
  • Weekend in Venice! It was so nice an relaxing, I had a wonderful time walking around the city with my cousin, looking at art, shopping, drinking cocktails and eating sweets..
  • New, totally unnecessary shoes - and wearing them to go nowhere in particular.
  • Playing music. It gets easier and easier, it's such a pleasure...
  • Getting compliments every time I wear my purple skirt. It must have something magic in it!
  • Finishing a really good book - and being sorry it's finished already!
  • The sun, a good pair of shoes, and a green field...
  • And getting a new haircut soon!

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