Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday outfit

I wore this because I am headed to my parents' for lunch, and I wanted to ask mom whether she thought this top could be appropriate for work. She's pretty blunt, so I am not worried she is not gonna tell me what she really thinks. Here is the outfit:

Shirt - Promod
Top (under the shirt) - Tezenis
Jeans - Killah
Shoes - Nike
Necklace - Target

I'd wear the shirt this way to go to work. It is sheer, but I have a black top underneath. If anything, I think it's a tad too elegant, but I think the baggy jeans and sneakers tame it down... Work environment is really casual, so I am not concerned about wearing baggy jeans there - besides, I wear a lab coat all day except than to go to lunch.

Here is with the jacket:

Jacket - Benetton
Scarf - Thrift store in Toronto's Kensington Market

Deatil of the scarf:

What do you think - can I wear this outfit to work?


Kelly said...

I love the flowers on the scarf!

Honestly I do think it's a little too elegant for work. There are so many pretty details that I think it would be hard to dress it down even with baggy jeans :(

Lori said...

What a beautiful top. I must agree though that it might be too pretty for work. I love the detail in the scarf. So pretty...


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